Your “Free Make-Over Consulation”

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close up of a patient with their mouth open and a hand in a blue glove performing a dental exam with a dental mirrorLet The Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, “ give you some quick examples  of what’s in store for you at your makeover consultation…

1. I’ll show you how to get your own sparkling smile through the most comfortable dental treatment imaginable.

We go to great lengths to make your experience here MEGA-EASY. You’ll wish everything in life was this easy.

2. Discover how you can retain the strength and structure of your own natural teeth. We use porcelain veneers so you don’t have to go through teeth extractions.

3. You’ll see firsthand an easy way to eliminate the use of needles. That’s right never get stuck with a needle again. With our special sedation dentistry, you never have to be
afraid of those dreaded needles again. You’ll be totally relaxed the whole time you’re here.  No kidding… you’ll think you’re at a spa, not the dentist.

4. How to easily replace, straighten and realign your teeth without painful orthodontics. You won’t believe how gorgeous your teeth look in the mirror.

5. A breakthrough technology that can straighten or close spaces, without traditional, silver braces if crooked teeth are keeping you from smiling… we can fix it in as little as 2 visits.
You read that right!  As little as TWO visits.

But if you’ve seen all you need to see and you are FINALLY tired of suffering in silence and you want the dazzling, jaw dropping, age defying smile you should have been born with the first step is…

Don’t wait another second… you deserve far better than that… you’ve taken care of
everyone else… you’ve earned it… now take care of yourself!

To schedule a free consultation with Dr. Anne A. Nicholas, stop by our office located at 73929 Larrea Street, Suite 2, Palm Desert, California or call the office at: 760-340-1030.