Why Regular Dental Exams Are More Vital Than You Might Realize

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Attending your regularly scheduled dental checkups is vitally important to your well-being. Did you know that when you visit Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists, they are not only watching for cavities and gum disease, they are examining the soft tissues of your mouth?

A person’s oral health can reveal important and even early insights about other aspects of his or her overall health.

For example, one important disease that Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists can detect is oral cancer. When a patient attends regular dental checkups, it allows Dr. Nicholas to detect signs of oral cancer during its earliest stages, when that patient’s survival rate is highest.

Oral cancer is initially manifest by red and white lesions that are often found on the tongue and the floor of the mouth. These lesions are initially painless and very difficult for patients to identify on their own, but Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists have trained eyes that can pinpoint this problem in their oral cancer screenings during exams.

A highly trained dentist like Dr. Nicholas can also identify a condition called anemia, which is when the body doesn’t have enough healthy red blood cells. Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists can spot this condition because the lining of the mouth appears to be very pale and the tongue, which is typically bumpy, will be smooth-looking.

Your dentist can even help to identify diabetes through various oral afflictions, such as loose teeth, dry mouth and gums, and bleeding and receding gums. Patients who suffer from diabetes are more likely to contract periodontal disease (gum disease). And since periodontal disease is widely prevalent, Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists typically don’t assume that a patient has diabetes — not immediately. However, if the doctors suspect that diabetes might be a possibility, Dr. Nicholas and her team might recommend a blood test.

So, if you’re long overdue for your dental exam, contact Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists who are serving Palm Desert, La Quinta, Rancho Mirage and the surrounding areas of the Coachella Valley at the Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic, Sedation and Implant Dentistry. They can be reached by phone at 760-851-0314 or at their office in Palm Desert, California.