What Is the Purpose of Crown-Lengthening Treatment?

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Crown-lengthening is an effective treatment that’s often necessary when a tooth needs to be repaired but the surrounding gums cover a majority of that tooth, making it difficult to perform restorative treatment.

Also, crown-lengthening can be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of a person’s smile. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “gummy smile,” which is sometimes used to describe a person whose smile reveals a noticeable amount of gum tissue. Crown-lengthening can remove the excess gum tissue to create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for the patient.

During the process of crown-lengthening, your skilled periodontist, Dr. Anne Nicholas, will reshape the excess gum and bone tissue to reveal more of the natural tooth. Crown-lengthening can be done to just one tooth to even your gum line, or it can be performed on several teeth to expose a natural-looking smile.

Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists may also prescribe the crown-lengthening treatment for a restorative procedure. For instance, if a tooth is worn down significantly, decayed or fractured below the gum line, crown-lengthening can adjust the bone and gum levels to provide more access to the tooth needing restoration.

Crown-lengthening will help you to enjoy a beautiful smile with the proper amount of gum tissue visible. This wonderful treatment can optimize your health, physical appearance, function and comfort. We encourage you to meet with Dr. Nicholas to discuss whether crown-lengthening treatment is right for you!

Dr. Nicholas is a well-known and highly celebrated periodontist who is happy to do all she can to improve your oral health and give you the stunning smile you deserve. She is the most qualified dental professional for performing the crown-lengthening treatment. When you visit our office, you will be sure to have the best results possible.

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