We Use Cutting-Edge Dental Technology To Give Your Smile the Comfortable and Effective Care You Deserve

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Dr. Kalashini Miller and our skilled team work hard to make sure that you have a first-class experience when you come to us for dental treatment. From our state-of-the-art dental facility to our friendly services, gentle touch, and comfortable care, we meet your dental needs in the shortest amount of time and as conveniently as possible in one single office location! Our goal is to make your dental experience effective, positive and hassle-free.

We can do this because Dr. Miller and our team use the latest advances in dental technology, including CT Scans, lasers, and Piezo-surgery equipment so you get the excellent care your smile deserves.

Laser Dentistry

Using laser dental technology helps our dentists treat your mouth more comfortably, quickly and effectively. We can’t emphasize this enough, our dental practice is committed to giving you the best dental care available. This means we are always updating our education and our cutting-edge office equipment so your visit is always pleasant and efficient without sacrificing quality.

Laser dentistry makes your experience more comfortable so that you may not even need the extra help of an anesthetic. Dental lasers can shorten your treatment and healing time. They also lower your risk of infection after having a treatment, as well as minimize bleeding during and after treatment.

Gemini™ 810 + 980 Diode Laser

This modern marvel is the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser for dental use, making soft tissue procedures quicker, smoother, and more efficient. Whether you are looking to remove oral bacteria and infected tissue, cure a dental filling, recontour a gumline or speed up teeth whitening, this incredible laser will do just that! It allows our dentists to expertly, shorten your treatment time as well as shorten your healing time and lower your risk of infection afterward. This diode laser minimizes any bleeding during and after your treatment without affecting nearby healthy tissues.

CT Scan Technology

Our office uses dental cone beam computerized tomography (a CT scan) to give our dentists the in-depth image they need, which you just can’t get using regular dental X-rays. This cutting-edge equipment can show us your teeth, nerves, and bones in one simple scan utilizing a detailed 3-D image, helping us avoid damaging vulnerable nearby areas. The 3-D cone-beam scan allows us to see where we want the implants to be inserted so we can avoid touching surrounding nerves and blood vessels. Additionally, cone-beam CT scanning allows our dentists to give you a comprehensive range of treatments all under one roof and as comfortably as possible!

Piezo-Surgery Equipment

This technological marvel is a new minimally invasive bone-cutting technique using ultrasonic waves during dental treatment such as oral surgery, implantology, and periodontics. With this handheld device, our dentists can generate micro-vibrations allowing them to safely and precisely cut through bone without touching any nearby soft oral tissues. Piezo-surgery equipment allows Dr. Miller to modify the jawbone so she can place a dental implant successfully. Piezosurgery was developed expressly for cutting bone without damaging the surrounding soft tissues, thanks to its ultrasonic micro-vibrations to give you the precision and comfort your smile deserves (and with a quicker recovery) so you have a better experience!

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