The Importance of Timely and Effective Periodontal Treatment

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Periodontal disease is a serious dental issue that begins with bacterial growth in your mouth and may end with tooth loss and bone loss. Many people know periodontal disease by its more common name, gum disease.

When plaque remains on the teeth and is untreated, periodontal disease soon follows. If the disease is not addressed by an expert periodontist like Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists, then plaque continues to grow and buildup on the teeth and calcifies , irritating the gums, and eventually, it could completely destroy the appearance of your smile.Periodontal disease is also called the silent killer because it does not hurt till its too late to save the teeth with treatment.

As periodontal disease advances, it can lead to gum recession, an unpleasant condition. Gum recession is a common dental issue in which your oral tissues move away from your teeth and expose some of the tooth root surface, leading to increased sensitivity and an appearance of “long teeth.” Not only does this condition detract from the appearance of your smile, it also forms gum pockets that can harbor bacteria and infection, leading to more dental issues.Also,the relation between periodontal disease and heart attacks and strokes has been extensively documented in the literature.

Many treatments are available for treating periodontal disease. Your skilled periodontist, Dr. Nicholas, has many effective solutions for addressing this insidious disease. With years of schooling, specialty training, hands-on experience, and continuing education, Dr. Nicholas can provide the best treatment for improving your oral health.

One of the options that Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists are proud to offer for treating periodontal disease is Laser Periodontal Therapy. The laser is a very precise tool that employs a safe beam of energy with absolute accuracy. The laser is used to focus on a specific section of the mouth, and it gives Dr. Nicholas the control she needs to give you effective treatment. As a bonus, the healing process is faster for those who have undergone laser periodontal therapy.

There are various types of lasers, and they are used for different purposes, but the laser we use for these treatments is remarkable cutting-edge technology. Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists have skillfully employed this tool to improve the oral health of countless patients in Palm Desert and the Coachella Valley.

Not only is Dr. Nicholas a well-known and admired dentist, but she is also a celebrated and prized periodontist. As a skilled, board-certified periodontist, Dr. Nicholas is highly qualified for treating periodontal disease. You can trust her with your oral health, and you can expect the best and most successful results possible.

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