Periodontal Treatment in Palm Desert

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Approximately 80% of adults in the United States suffer from periodontal disease. Because gum disease can affect us without causing pain, we often do not realize that our health is at risk. Even in people that appear to be in perfect health, periodontitis may be aggressively damaging the gums and bone. The longer that the disease remains untreated, the more it spreads and teeth begin to come loose as plaque and calculus accumulates.

There are many signs of periodontal disease that you should look for when examining your mouth. If your gums appear to be red and puffy, if they bleed easily when brushing or flossing, or if the gums are receding away from the teeth, these are all signs that you should seek treatment by a trained periodontist. Dr. Anne Nicholas is an experienced periodontist that has experience treating gum disease and prevent tooth loss, in Palm Desert,California. She is a Diplomate in her specialty, the highest level of training

Taking control of your dental health now is important for maintaining your overall health now and in the future. Periodontal disease does not only affect the quality of your smile, but it has also been linked to serious health concerns such as strokes, diabetes, heart disease, and pregnancy complications. If diagnosed and treated early, periodontal disease can be treated so you can continue to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to come in for a thorough periodontal examination at Anne Nicholas DDS so that we can keep your mouth as healthy as possible. Schedule your appointment today!

Dr. Nicholas, our skilled periodontist in Palm Desert, CA,can be reached by phone at 760-340-1030.