Pain Free Dentistry with DentalVibe

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In the past, numbing the mouth has often required a painful oral injection. In fact, this is still the case at many dental offices. But why should you simply replace the pain of an operation with the pain of a needle injection? At the office of Anne A. Nicholas D.D.S., we believe that dental work should be completely pain free. This is why we are excited to be the first to offer the new, award-winning and pain alleviating technology of the DentalVibe in Palm Desert. The DentalVibe is a revolutionary new product that allows Dr. Nicholas to numb the mouth without causing any pain.

How does the DentalVibe work? The DentalVibe pays homage to the Beach Boys classic tune by sending “Good Vibrations” through your mouth to your brain. These vibrations are precisely calibrated to completely mask the feeling of the injection, so that the mouth can be numbed as easily as possible.  The DentalVibe itself is unimposing, very similar in appearance and feel to an electric toothbrush.

The DentalVibe is a game changer in the field of dentistry. We are confident that you’ll never want a normal injection again once you experience the comforts of the DentalVibe system. If you’re looking for comfortable and painless dentistry in Palm Desert, California, you will find it exclusively at the office of Dr. Anne Nicholas. To learn more about DentalVibe and to schedule an appointment, please call 760-989-4142. We look forward to providing you with quality, comfortable care.