Overcome Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

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If you are afraid to visit the dentist, you are not alone. Many people have fear about visiting the dentist, and it is a legitimate fear that you can’t control. However, sedation dentistry with Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of dental specialists will help you to never be afraid of the dentist again. Our doctors are kind and gentle, and we will work with you during every step of the process to make sure you are comfortable and pain-free
With the advanced sedation technology that we use at the Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Implant, Sedation and Cosmetic Dentistry, you will barely notice your time that you spend in our office. When you are sedated, you will feel completely comfortable and relaxed, and usually you will have no recollection of your time spent in our office.
While you are sedated, our talented dentists can typically complete all the dental work you need in just a single visit. Our sedation techniques are completely safe, and you will be monitored closely and assigned a friendly member of our dental team to assist you while sedated to make sure your experience is a pleasant one.
You will be able to achieve a beautiful, confident smile without any pain at all! We are sure that you will be so happy with your treatment that you will talk about it with all your friends while showing off your new smile.

Because you will be sedated, it is important to remember to have a family member or friend drive you to and from your appointment.

For more information about sedation dentistry in Palm Desert, we encourage you to call 760-989-4142 to learn how sedation dentistry can transform your life. We take pride in helping you achieve the smile of your dreams!