No Need to Fear!

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close up of a patient with their mouth open and a hand in a blue glove performing a dental exam with a dental mirrorOnce a top secret for a limited few, sedation dentistry has become available to those people looking for no stress, comfort,  and pain free dentistry.

Let Me Share with You 7 Major Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry that
I see in my practice everyday!

1.  No more living with painful teeth because of fear.
2.  No shots, no needles.
3.  Sedation can last for hours in a controlled setting making it
possible to get much more dentistry done in one sitting.
4.  Finally, you can have the attractive, healthy smile you deserve.
5.  You will not be unconscious but in a state of relaxed sedation.
6.  People who normally have trouble getting numb will
find that once relaxed they have no problems at all.
7.  You will have little or no memory of the treatment (sounds/smells)

We have found more and more patients that are just fed up with living with missing teeth and they want a permanent solution for their dental problems.

I extend an invitation to you to find out what improvements are available for your smile and your over-all health and life.

Please feel free call us today at 760-340-1030 to schedule a time for us to talk.
This is a guilt free zone and we are only here to help.

I look forward to talking to you.

Dr. Anne A. Nicholas