How Implant Dentistry Can Restore and Protect Your Smile

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Have you lost one or more of your natural teeth? Such a loss can affect your self-esteem, but it can also lead to further tooth loss. Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists want you to feel good about your smile. One very effective option for restoring your smile is implant dentistry.

Dental implants are dependable and strong replacement teeth that can give you the proper bite and attractive smile which you deserve. Dental implants can benefit your oral health, and they can also help you to enjoy your favorite foods and to communicate and socialize with greater confidence. Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists understand that, for many of their patients, dental implants can greatly improve their lives.

In case you haven’t read much about this amazing technology, a dental implant is a tooth replacement that is permanently placed into the jaw bone as a substitute for the tooth root. A connector piece called an “abutment” is placed on top of the implant. The abutment connects the dental implant to the replacement tooth. A crown is custom-made for the replacement tooth, and it very closely resembles the appearance of your natural teeth.

Many patients don’t realize that a missing tooth should be replaced due to the great likelihood of further bone loss. It is that bone structure beneath the gums which secures the teeth in place. Therefore, if a tooth is lost, then the bone that was supporting the lost tooth now begins to wear away. This cyclical problem can eventually lead to additional tooth loss. Maintaining your teeth and healthy bone structure will enable you to retain the natural shape of your face.

Without question, Dr. Nicholas is an exceptionally skilled and well-known periodontist who has received extensive training and acquired many years of experience in the successful placement of dental implants. Rest assured, you may feel completely at ease and confident when you’re under the capable care of Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists.

In short, Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists have genuine expertise in their knowledge and experience with implant dentistry. Therefore, if you should have any questions or you would like to learn more about dental implants, you are welcome to call our gifted team today that serves Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage and the surrounding areas of the Coachella Valley at the Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic, Sedation and Implant Dentistry. They can be reached by phone at 760-851-0314 or at their office in Palm Desert, California.