How Crown-Lengthening Can Improve Your Smile and Oral Health

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Crown-lengthening is a surgical dental procedure that is often required when more of a patient’s tooth surface area needs to be exposed. In a crown-lengthening procedure, the gum tissue and bone are removed. This process accomplishes the objective of exposing more surface area of the tooth.

There are a few different reasons why Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists might prescribe the crown-lengthening procedure. For instance, you’ve probably heard the phrase “gummy smile.” Typically, if a person has a so-called gummy smile or teeth that appear to be “too short,” that person is a candidate for crown-lengthening as a cosmetic dental treatment.

When teeth are described as being “too short,” the fact of the matter is, the teeth usually aren’t too short at all! It is a matter of the teeth simply being covered by too much gum tissue. So, the crown-lengthening treatment reshapes the excess gum and bone tissue in order to reveal more surface area of the natural tooth.

Another reason for crown-lengthening is to even the appearance of the gum line; or in some cases, it is done to several teeth with the goal of exposing the patient’s full smile.

When a tooth breaks off at the gum line or beneath it, Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists can employ crown-lengthening as a treatment solution to provide sufficient structure for the placement of a filling, crown or a bridge. Crown-lengthening essentially adjusts the gum levels and bone levels, exposing more of the tooth for the sake of restoration.

Here’s how the process works: If you have an abundance of gum tissue, Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists use crown-lengthening to expose more of the tooth for greater retention, which basically means more tooth for the restoration “to hold on to,” so to speak.

There are instances where a crown or filling has fallen out of a tooth, revealing tooth decay below. Crown-lengthening can give Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists the opportunity to address the issue.

Therefore, just think of crown-lengthening as an effective treatment for addressing “gum problems,” so Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists can deal with any “tooth problems.”

Indeed, Dr. Nicholas is a gum expert. She is not just a well-known dentist, she is also a celebrated periodontist, which is a skillfully trained dentist who has a depth of knowledge in gum tissue treatments. Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists are highly qualified dental professionals who can perform crown-lengthening procedures, due to their years of rich experience and additional training.

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