Everyone deserves some warmth and friendliness “Do a Friend a Favor”

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"BRQ 2011 young friends" drawing of labeled stick figures and a vine with flowersHave you had it with how cold and impersonal the world is becoming? I know I have.

It hit me again the other day when I was at the ATM machine. No question, I liked being able to bank after hours – but I couldn’t help missing chat-ting with a smiling teller.

Doing things by phone is even worse. If you’re lucky you find yourself in “voice mail jail” or maybe talking to a person who’s half a world away.

If you’re not, you end up the way I did the other day – talking to a MACHINE that had totally re-placed a human being and might (or might not) understand me if I spoke really slowly and carefully.

And how many times have you heard a friend complain about being rushed through a 15 minute doctor’s appointment that made them wonder whether the doctor even knew their name? Or filling a prescription at one of those big box pharmacies instead of getting it from a neighborhood pharmacist who’d known them for years?

Sometimes it seems like you can go through an entire day without getting a single heartfelt smile.

Frankly it makes all of us here at the practice a little crazy. That is why our dental office is on a mission to bring back the smiles and create the kind of warm, friendly environment that’s all too rare in today’s world.

Feel Like Family

We care about your health, and work hard to give you the highest level of care, skill, and professional judgment – and we’re delighted to have some very advanced technology to help us do that. But we also care about your comfort, and do everything we can to make you feel at home.

Simply stated, at our office we consider you part of our extended family. So you shouldn’t be surprised when our team members know your name – and remember that you’re planning a trip to Hawaii and looking forward to a visit from your sister.

We know we can’t change the world, but we can do our best to make coming to our office a pleasant experience. Doing that makes us happy. Judging by how many of you have been with us for years, we think it makes you happy, too.

We Welcome New Patients

In fact recently several of you have told us you wished your friends could enjoy the same kind of care – but you assumed that because we’re doing so well we weren’t accepting new patients.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Sure we have lots of patients, but we also have room for your friends, co-workers and relatives who are looking for an office that really cares about them. So we hope you’ll take a moment to pass the good feelings along by telling them about our practice.

We’ve come up with a way to make sharing our practice with your friends even more enjoyable.

When one of them tells us you recommended our practice and becomes a new patient who spends at least $300 with us before 03/31/2013, we’ll give them a $100 Gift Certificate they can use for any treatment or service they receive. PLUS, we’ll give you a $100 Gift Card, of your choice, from our list of merchants.

There’s no limit on how many friends you can re-fer. All of them are eligible for the gift certificate and you’ll receive a gift card for each new patient.

If you’d like to know more, just ask! We look for-ward to giving your friends the kind of warm personalized care you enjoy and they deserve!

Our office is located at 73929 Larrea Street, Suite 2, Palm Desert, Ca. Call us at:760-340-1030

Dr. Anne A. Nicholas