Dental Implant

Posted . implant is a manufactured post that is designed to create a stable foundation for a natural looking tooth restoration and is placed directly into the jawbone. Implants replace missing oral structures and are permanent tooth replacements.  The post of the implant holds a crown, bridge or denture in place and allow for natural eating, speaking and cosmetic function.  There are several key components to understand when considering dental implants.

The Dental Prosthetics:

a)      Dental implants are made from titanium alloys and will replace and act like your original tooth root.  Dr. Anne A. Nicholas, Palm Desert, California surgically place implants into the jaw bone, where the implant will integrate with the jaw bone after a certain period of time.

b)      Bone Grafting is a technique for increasing the volume of the missing or eroded bone. To insure that the dental implant is successful, the patients jawbone volume needs to be restore. Without adequate jawbone and volume, the dental implant mostly likely will fail. Panoramic radiographs will be taken to measure alveolar bone levels.  If it is determined that bone is required before the implant restoration can proceed, Dr. Jong will select osteoinductive bone allograft to replace and re-grow jaw bone.

c)      Abutment Preparation

d)     Types of Implant Restorations placed on top of dental implant post for function:

  • Porcelain to non-precious with metal occlusal
  • Porcelain to white high Noble with metal occlusal
  • Porcelain to yellow high Noble
  • Porcelain to Zirconia

Diagnosis & Treatment Planning:

Dr. Nicholas will consult with you regarding contraindication which is a specific situation in which a drug, procedure or surgery should or should not be used because it may be harmful to you. Patients will be provided with pre-surgery instructions that will help them prepare for the implant procedure as well as outpatient procedures to help them return to their home safely.

The actual surgery occurs in several stages and involves several procedures.  Implant surgery varies from patient to patient and depends on the type of implant and condition of your jawbone. A dental laboratory is used for the actual dental implant prosthetic.  Dr. Nicholas will help you select the dental implant restoration that is right for you.

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