Consider Laser Technology to Treat Your Gum Disease: Part One

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Looking for a modern and advanced treatment to help address gum problems? Then you will want to see Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists for the latest innovative technology to help treat your smile. Here at the Palm Desert Center for Advanced Periodontics, Cosmetic, Sedation and Implant Dentistry, we offer laser periodontal therapy (LPT), a non-surgical approach to treating gum disease.

What Is Laser Periodontal Therapy?

LPT is a less-invasive procedure compared to gum surgery and is FDA-approved. The powerful and safe laser works by delivering a narrow beam that our skilled dentist, Dr. Nicholas, carefully directs towards infected gum tissue, plaque buildup and damaged bone. It trims off the infected tissues, removes hardened plaque and contours bone to their best shape. LPT also helps eliminate other infections and heal diseased gum tissue.

By using LPT, we minimize the loss of healthy gum tissue, maintaining crown length and decrease bleeding and discomfort during treatment. Other benefits include:

– Less treatment time and fewer visits
– Quicker recovery time
– Less risk of gum or teeth sensitivity
– No anesthesia is required
– Minimal post-treatment discomfort that can be managed with over-the-counter pain medicine
– Better, long-lasting results

The procedure typically takes two visits, each lasting less than two hours. They are scheduled within 2-3 weeks of each other to prevent infection to the untreated side. You can return to your usual activities and work within 24 hours. Our team uses the Gemini™ 810 + 980 Diode Laser, one of the latest advancements in dental laser technology.

Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists here in Palm Desert, California, will be happy to answer any concerns you have about this treatment. If you are looking for periodontal care and live in Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs and neighboring communities of the Coachella Valley or are in the area during travels, we’ll be happy to take care of you and your smile today!

Next week we will discuss the ways laser periodontal therapy can help you and your smile. Come back in a week for more information!