Causes and Treatments for Receding Gums

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Have your gums started pulling away from your teeth, exposing the roots? If so, you have gum recession. This can be a troubling and painful dental problem that may make your teeth look longer, making your smile look unnatural.

To start helping your gums, it’s best to visit your talented periodontist, Dr. Anne Nicholas, and her team of specialists. Together they can help you have the top-notch smile and oral health that you deserve!

You might be wondering what is causing your receding gums in the first place. There are many causes of gum recession, such as:
– Overly aggressive brushing
– Genetics (You might have receding gums because one or both parents do, as well.)
– Abnormal tooth positioning (like tooth misalignments)
– Bruxism, which is also known as teeth-grinding
– Trauma to the gum tissue
– Gum disease

Fortunately, your periodontist, Dr. Nicholas, can treat your gum recession. If you are experiencing gum recession, we can help by offering two effective treatment options: soft tissue grafting or the famous Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique.

The soft tissue / gingival graft involves the use of oral tissues from the palate of the mouth or from a donor and then placing the tissue over the exposed root and securing it in place. And the pinhole technique involves treating the gum recession through a scalpel-free and graft-free process that is a gum recession breakthrough! You can schedule a consultation to learn more about these top-of-the-line treatment options by calling 760-851-0314 or visiting our dental office in Palm Desert, California.

So, if you’re interested in treating your gum recession, be sure to call Dr. Anne Nicholas and her team of specialists who are serving Palm Desert, La Quinta, Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage and the surrounding areas of the Coachella Valley at the Palm Desert. We will be happy to serve you.