An FAQ About Conscious Sedation: What You Should Know

Conscious sedation (sometimes called “oral sedation”) is safe and effective. The phrase conscious sedation includes both oral sedation and IV sedation. But in simplest terms, conscious sedation employs a medication that is used at the dental office to help you relax during your procedure. Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry with your friendly and caring dentist, Dr. Anne Nicholas, your anxieties... read more »

Sedation Dentistry: The Answer for Those Who Suffer With Dental Anxiety

What if your anxieties about visiting the dentist could be quelled? What if you could enjoy a relaxing experience during your next dental procedure? Dr. Nicholas and her team of specialists want you to have a positive and painless experience for your dental visits; therefore, we offer sedation dentistry for those who are nervous about dental appointments. Dental anxiety is... read more »

Sedation Dentistry: Comforting the Faint of Heart

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. In fact, between 9 percent to 15 percent of Americans claim that they avoid dental appointments due to anxiety or fear. That’s somewhere between 27 to 46 million people! So, if you’re afraid to visit the dentist, take comfort because you’re not alone. Even though most dental appointments aren’t painful, it is... read more »

End the Fear, Anxiety & Worry You Feel When Going To The Dentist

Do you want to improve your smile, prevent cavities, or need dentures, but want everything done comfortably? Do you know what questions to ask and what procedures are available? With the advancements in technology, you can turn any smile into a 5 Star Smile in just a few short visits. And, it can be done in a comfortable, anxiety free... read more »

“The Secret to a Celebrity Smile”

And If you are like the majority of people I've helped, you've dedicated your life to your family, your job... Most people agree that this has been the greatest experience's of their lives. However, it has taken nearly all of their time, energy & effort...leaving them tired, worn-out and feeling under-appreciated and in some cases downright un-attractive.  Or maybe you... read more »

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for dental implant treatment? A: Almost everyone who is missing one or more teeth and is in general good health is a candidate for dental implant treatment. There are few medical conditions that can undermine the success of implant treatment, such as uncontrolled diabetes, but few conditions would prevent keep... read more »

Transforming lives, one patient at a time!

I don't know if you are plagued by painful, broken, or damaged teeth that you know needs treatment. I don't know if you have a lot of work to do but you just don't have the time to take away from home and work for many dental trips and wish you could just get all your work done in 1... read more »

Some Patients Even Say They “Feel”

  Like They Are 20 Years Younger… Their Spouses Are Ecstatic! Of course, with dramatic improvements like this, it’s only natural to be skeptical. You may think that it sounds too good to be true… and I have to admit that when I was going through my clinical and continuous education courses, I thought these advanced dentistry guys were nuts.... read more »

The Palm Desert Center for Advanced Cosmetic, Sedation and Implant Dentistry

Hello, I’m Anne A. Nicholas of The Palm Desert Center for Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry and we provide dental services for Palm Desert, California and the surrounding area. Implant restorationis one of our most popular and requested dental procedures. We specialize in implant as well as periodontal, cosmetic, gingival & pedicle, gum disease, cosmetic surgery, and teeth whiteningdentistry. If you are... read more »

Advanced Technologies in the 21st Century Dental Practice

We offer a dynamic combination of advanced technologies in one convenient location. Many practices would refer you to several offices to accomplish the same care. The best that dentistry has to offer combined with personal service and down to earth discussion of your care will make your experience with Dr. Anne A. Nicholas unique from other practices. Surgical Telescope--saves time... read more »