Advanced Technologies in the 21st Century Dental Practice

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Anne Nicholas, dentist in Palm Desert, CaliforniaWe offer a dynamic combination of advanced technologies in one convenient location. Many practices would refer you to several offices to accomplish the same care. The best that dentistry has to offer combined with personal service and down to earth discussion of your care will make your experience with Dr. Anne A. Nicholas unique from other practices.

Surgical Telescope–saves time and aids in diagnosis

The surgical telescope makes esthetic enhancement better because I get an up-close view of the artistry I’m creating. It increases surgical comfort because it enhances accuracy, reducing the time I need to perform each procedure. It also helps with gum disease prevention techniques.

Intra-oral Camera–lets you see and understand what’s going on

This is not only a diagnostic tool for me, but an educational supplement for you.

This camera looks like an oversized pen, and magnifies the surface areas of the teeth. It helps me to locate small pits and cracks that might be harboring disease. This up-close information is immediately available to both you and me on a TV monitor in the private room.

This visual feedback also helps you to see certain features in your mouth, and better understand my recommendations. For instance, it’s possible to see the damage caused by old, metal amalgam fillings that expand and contract, and can cause cracking and breaking.

Ultra-High-Intensity Micro-Illumination Crack Detector–helps to catch problems while they’re small

Frustrated by the inadequate lighting of regular dental lights, I was one of the first doctors in the world to seek out and adopt new cordless LED ultra-high-powered lighting.

As we get older, cracks are more likely to form in our teeth. If not detected and treated, these cracks can lead to sudden fractures. In some cases, the treatment must be a root canal or even loss of the tooth.

My team and I use this new high-intensity micro-light that illuminates the teeth from the inside out! It allows these catastrophic cracks to be seen with the eye to minimize the loss of teeth and need for root canals.

This light is so strong it also allows me to see some types of decay that are difficult to detect even on x-ray. This great tool improves diagnosis, enhances accuracy, and most importantly reduces your time in the chair with surgery and other complex procedures.

Laser Cavity Detection–catches otherwise undetectable cavities very early

Detecting cavities is an inexact science. Fortunately, the best technology gives us a better view of disease at an earlier stage.

The laser system I use is a spectacular breakthrough in dental cavity detection. Before, nearly 50% of cavities went undetected until they led to root canals or even tooth loss. Now we can uncover disease more consistently and prevent significant tooth loss.

This special laser light harmlessly and precisely detects cavities. One of the most difficult areas to locate cavities is on the chewing areas of teeth and under and around metal fillings. The laser makes it possible for me to lift the veil on what used to be hidden areas of dental decay. All this is done safely, painlessly and without exposure to x-rays. In addition, this technology also means that only areas that truly have decay get treatment because all the ‘guesswork’ of previous cavity-detection techniques has been eliminated.

With Sedation Dentistry, You Feel Nothing!

Even the most fearful clients can say goodbye to the white knuckle experience of going to the dentist.

If you’ve avoided the dentist for years due to bad experiences in the past, you can now comfortably snooze through even the most complex care, thanks to Dr. Nicholas Sedation Dentistry.

Complex treatment that used to require many visits or even months of treatment can now be completed in as little as one single visit with my methods. Experience Dr. Nicholas Sedation Dentistry just once and you will never be afraid to go to the dentist again!

Medical Topical Anesthetic Pastes Ensure No More Pain

Say good-bye to feeling the dreaded anesthetic needle. I use a medical breakthrough that is a special medical grade anesthetic paste. It allows for completely painless injections. Clients can’t believe that they just had a shot.

Ultrasonic Gum Technology with Antibacterial Medication Reduces Gum Surgeries

Improves treatment result of gum disease therapy. Latest scientific therapy for combating gum and bone disease is to customize treatment to each patient’s care with gum disease therapy. Reduces need for traditional gum surgery

DNA Testing for Long Term Risk of Tooth Loss

Helps our patients save their teeth and reach a higher level of overall body health. Helps determine a more customized approach to our patient’s periodontal care with better recare intervals and or periodontal therapy. Improves the results from periodontal therapy with the addition of targeted systemic antibiotics aimed at the patient’s bacteria which saves patients form loosing all their teeth.

Digital Photography

For email transmission of photographs for consultations and rapid simulation of your new smile.

Self-Contained Water Lines

Allow safe dental waterlines as compared to city water system.

Micro Abrasion Technology

Allows for earlier, minimally invasive treatment of decay before “Novocain” is required. No shots usually needed. Most conservative decay treatment possible.

Ultimate Power Bleaching – Hollywood White-Guaranteed

Proprietary method of deep bleaching teeth beyond ‘Hollywood White’!

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