A Sweeter Deal Than the What The Easter Bunny Is Bringing You!

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close up of a bright smile after teeth whitening treatmentAlthough your mind is undoubtedly wrapped around thoughts of chocolate bunnies, colored eggs, and marshmallow treats…take a minute to read this. Because, I have a “sweet” deal for you that’s going to make this holiday incredible!

You see, we often have customers calling or emailing us “hunting” for special deals on are oral health products or services, for example, teeth whitening.  So, rather than having to wait for a “special” deal to come up…we thought we’d just give one to you.

So, here is the Easter offer you’ve been waiting for: the first five patients to ask for the “teeth whitening” treatment get one free teeth whitening session when they sign up for one year’s treatment program.

Look, don’t miss your chance to improve your smile. How do you take advantage of our offer, “teeth whitening program”, “Hop” on by and book a time for your family to come in and visit with Dr. Anne A. Nicholas of “The Palm Desert Center for Advanced Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry.”

Make this the best Easter you ever had! Take advantage of this offer today!